Organic Herbal Soups is at the heart of our herbalists in bringing you the best planetary nourishing formula with best sourced organic ingredients.

Our soup kit is first of its kind in Hong Kong:

  • All our ingredients are organically certified (we ensure our ingredients are organically certified by well-established organic organizations – USDA Organic, ECOCert Canada, Europe ECOCert and Taiwan). All herbs are imported from the USA and are carefully selected for their premium quality.
  • A unique planetary formulation combining the best herbal formula to suit your particular needs. You can either choose your own soup kit or order our program kits.
  • Our soup does not need any seasoning – our premium quality organic ingredients combining with our herbalists crafting tasty formulas.

In recent years, Traditional Chinese herbs have been under a lot of spotlights for containing high pesticides, heavy metals, and some herbs are also adulterated. Bonum Trees only uses USA imported herbs (USDA Organic certified) for formulating our soups. You can count on us when it comes to Quality.

Awards: 2017 Lohas Best Natural Healing Product Award

Retailer License in Chinese Herbal Medicine No:  CR-2016-00105