The Bonum Trees is a store focused on highest quality soup and quality health products located in Hong Kong.

Bonum Trees is a small business created with love and care for your family

Bonum Trees is founded by a team of Naturopaths / Herbalists – Summum Bonum (meaning “highest goodness” in Latin) is our philosophy in spreading the goodness to everyone’s health through the use of nature’s gifts – plants and herbs!


People faces various health challenges today – from simple discomfort like indigestion to aging and chronic health challenges like stress induced insomnia or even tumor which is getting common recently. Most people seek alternative healing when they are in despair – we would advise on holistic healing protocols including herbs, diet, and lifestyle. Healthy cannot be given to one person and takes time to build and restore. This is like how sleep enables our body to replenish itself after a hard day’s work – it will only be sustainable if you do that every night and do it well.

As naturopaths and herbalists, we see that instituting this foundation of lifestyle in our lives is critical to our health and it’s important to get that message to the broad audience so more people can be healthy and enjoy life rather than having to seek medical / healing advice when symptoms become devastating. We asked ourselves what could be at the core of the foundation that we can give to people who care about their health and hence deserve better health – Herbal soup immediately came to our minds that it is the most nourishing food on the planet. It is nourishing because nutrients from ingredients in soups are cooked and transformed into an easily assimilated state, which also means that any water soluble contamination will be part of the soup too. That’s what embarked us on this journey of bringing the premium quality ingredients and herbs and formulating planetary herbal soups for people to enjoy this nourishing soup without having to worry about heavy metals, adulteration, loaded pesticides and chemicals that are common in our food today. Our Mission is to bring health to every family with premium quality organic ingredients and formulation!

During one of the early soup tasting sessions, one of our healing peer shared with her peer: “The soup tastes very good. But what is more is I can feel the passion of us sharing the best to others, the passion, and energy that is very treasurable. It touches her deeply and in fact, help her beat the blues.” We are amazed by her echoing precisely where Bonum Trees started – the passion of sharing premium quality soup to people who care about their health!

We are also committed to giving back to the community! Part of our sales proceeds will go to the selected needy – Sponsored Health Programs! We are recruiting community giveback program – send us an email if you are interested: