Nutritive Non-caffeine Coffee that helps with Hypertension?! Dandelion!

What is Dandelion Coffee? Coffee seems to be indispensable in modern cities – whether it be instant or Nespresso style or in cafes. You might also have heard of Dandelion coffee, which is a caffeine-free alternative to coffee. In fact, dandelion coffee has centuries of history – “It consists of wholly or principally of dandelion […]

Enduring Vitality + Sweet Digestion (Value Duo Gift)

Need help in choosing the Value Soup Kit Gift (Duo) for Chinese New Year?  Our herbalists suggest the “Enduring Vitality” + “Sweet Digestion”. Why? Enduring Vitality contains Ashwagandha and Shatavari – they are excellent stress balancer for small families! Synergized with other ingredients (e.g., regular use of Marshmallow root can lower cholesterol and triglycerides, Maitake […]

New Year Resolution – Getting Slim with Artichoke leaf!

Happy 2017! You might be working on your New Year Resolution! How about some food that can help you with that “Slim” Resolution? Artichoke leaf will be on that list then! Most of you may be familiar with Artichoke as vegetables that you bought in the market. The artichokes you bought in a market is the […]

Cruising Breastfeeding….

Babies’ senses—their seeing, hearing, smelling and touch—are at their peak in the first hour after birth.  These include their instinct to find and latch onto the breast for food. In addition, hormones for generating breast milk increases 30-40 minutes after delivery.   It is therefore highly recommended to start feeding 30 minutes after birth or within […]