Our soup kits are packaged when ordered with sealed ingredients to preserve its freshness – freshness and potency are vital when it comes to organic ingredients. No preservatives are needed. Please do store them in a cool and dry place and consume immediately when opened.

Our herbal teas are packaged with dried herbs and we carefully selected the premium dried herbs in maximizing its health benefit. Again no preservatives are added. Please store them in a cool and dry place for maintaining its aroma as well as potency.

Our organic raw seed oil is manufactured in small batches at very low temperature in an artisan fashion in the United States. The certified organic seeds used in producing oil are all sampled from freshest farms and only the freshest, lightest and nuttiest tasting one are selected. The best way we have found to preserve the quality of our Artisan, Cold-Pressed oils are in black, opaque, light inhibiting bottles. This keeps light out, which is the number one cause of ruining the precious oil. We hope to find a suitable glass bottle option in the near future.


Currently, delivery is available on weekdays and we use SF Express for delivery and is initially only offered in Hong Kong. Delivery to residential or outskirt islands may incur additional charges. Please check our deliverer website for the delivery services.

Contact us for any special requests at


For orders that haven’t been shipped out, you can cancel the order by contacting us (email us at For shipped out orders, we do not provide a refund.

We deliver Organic Herbal Soup programs every 2 weeks. If you have bought 4 or 6 weeks of any of the program and your shipment of the entire program is yet to complete, you have the following options:

  • Exchange the remaining weeks of programs with other similar length programs
  • Exchange the remaining weeks of programs with Bonum Trees branded products with a total value <= the remaining program equivalent price

A handling fee of 10% of the remaining equivalent amount will be deducted.