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Nutritional Bible for Pregnancy

Life is a wonderful journey and a woman being pregnant is, undoubtedly, the most amazing and memorable experience! Let’s look at what you need to know to cherish this journey and make it pain-free and yet nutrition rich for your love of your life! Folate and Folic acid Folate and folic acid (both commonly known […]

Postpartum Replenishment Journey (Part 1)

Postpartum Replenishment Journey You have reached a moment of a lifetime – your newborn is adorable! You are blessed and excited – can’t take your eyes off your baby! You are ready for your fantastic parenthood journey ahead! A woman who has recently had a baby is like a car that has been driven from […]

Cruising Breastfeeding….

Babies’ senses—their seeing, hearing, smelling and touch—are at their peak in the first hour after birth.  These include their instinct to find and latch onto the breast for food. In addition, hormones for generating breast milk increases 30-40 minutes after delivery.   It is therefore highly recommended to start feeding 30 minutes after birth or within […]

Postnatal Care is a Must?!

Pregnancy is a significant milestone of parenthood inducing enormous change to the mother’s body including hormonal adjustment, weight and body shape changes and uterus expansion.   After delivery and during the postpartum period, change will occur again returning the body back to the pre-pregnant state.  Such adjustment differs for every woman and can last for months […]